Dec. 1st, 2010

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In the Summer of 2008, Hill House Publishing was putting together a set of special editions of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Being fond of such things, I ordered one of each.

Unfortunately, before they'd ever sent any to me, Hill House Publishing imploded. So much for the tasty special editions.

However, around about this time last year, word went out that Harper Collins was picking up the ball, and would be finishing up the run. I sent word to them to inquire, and a very nice young woman got back to me, mortified that no one had contacted me before then. Hill House had sent them a bunch of info about customers who had not yet been fulfilled, and apparently they'd neglected to mention me. She went about trying to track down any information about my order in the records they'd been given by Hill House, and was going to get right back to me to get me my books.

I went to Arisia with a warm glow, impressed by HC having their act together...
And promptly forgot about the whole thing entirely.
So I didn't notice when the next step, of actually getting books out to me, never happened.
This morning I was reminded of the whole thing, because my favorite Noir imprint, Hard Case Crime, which went away earlier this year when their underlying publisher went out of business, is coming back to life.

So I sent an inquiry to Harper Collins, wondering what they'd ever found.
And a very apologetic, now slightly older but still with the company, young woman will be sending me some books later this week.


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